Pet and Specialty Animal Food

Being in the livestock nutrition business lends itself to other animals as well. We carry a wide variety of the best nutrition for your pets, companion animals, or hobby farm animals. Give us a call or come in for a visit to see how we can assist you with your animal’s nutritional needs.

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How to store Pet Food

How to store Pet Food

Pet food should always be stored in a cool, dry location. Air tight bins or containers are great but also remember to:

1. Finish all the food in the container before adding more.
2. Wash the container or bin with warm, soapy water before adding new feed.
3. Cut out the name and “best before” date and attach to your bin so that you have this information available if you have questions or concerns.
4. Keep it cool and dry. Moisture can lead to mold growth and heat can cause spoilage.